Council of Governors

Meeting of the Council of Governors of the
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
TIME: 10:30 – 12:30
DATE: Thursday, 8 June 2017
VENUE: Board Room, Oasis Health Centre, RUH


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Opening Business

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Welcome, Introduction and Apologies Brian Stables, Chairman


Declarations of Interest Brian Stables, Chairman


Minutes of the Council of Governors Meeting held on 6 March 2017 Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 3

Action List and Matters Arising Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 4

Standing Items

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Chief Executive's Update Report James Scott, Chief Executive

Paper 5

STP Update James Scott, Chief Executive Verbal

Council of Governors Governance

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Annual NHS Improvement Declaration – Annual Governor Training Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 7

Report to Governors on the
Quality Report 2016/17
Kris Jones and Wil Bevan, Deloittes Verbal
Governor Elections 2017 Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 9

Member feedback

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Staff Governor Feedback Hassan El-Wakeel
Staff Governor

Paper 10

Public Governor Feedback
(including constituency meetings)
All Public Governors

Paper 11

Stakeholder Governor Feedback All Stakeholder Governors


Working Group Actions arising out of feedback Brian Stables, Governor


Governor Working Groups

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Strategy & Business Planning Working Group Update Report Helen Rogers, Public Governor, NE Somerset

Paper 14

Quality Working Group Update Report Jan Taylor, Public Governor, North Wiltshire

Paper 15

Membership & Outreach Working Group Update Report and approval of 2017/18 workplan. Phill Lunt, Staff Governor

Paper 16

Board Monitoring Group Update Reports Amanda Buss,
Public Governor

Paper 17

Governors as Observers - Assurance Committee update Amanda Buss, Nick Houlton, Bill Aiken, Public Governors

Paper 18

Working Group Actions arising out of update reports Brian Stables, Chairman Discussion
Update following NHS Providers Governors Conference Amanda Buss,
Public Governor

Paper 20

Lead Governors Update Report Chris Callow,
Lead Governor

2016/17 Trust Priorities

Agenda Item Presenter Attachment
Human Resources Business Plan 2016-17 Victoria Downing-Burn,
Deputy Director of Human Resources

Paper 22 (Pres.)

Financial Awareness Update Sarah Truelove,
Deputy Chief Executive

Paper 23 (Pres.)

Governor Areas of Interest

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CoG Annual Priorities Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 24

Closing Business

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Items for Future Workplan Brian Stables, Chairman

Paper 25

Meeting Review Brian Stables, Chairman Verbal
Resolution into Private Meeting – to pass the following resolution:
"That the Council of Governors now meets in private due to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted".
Brian Stables, Chairman Verbal

Next Meeting:
5th September 2017 10:30-12:30
RUH Board Room, Oasis Centre, Royal United Hospital, Bath

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