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Money Matters

Funding (including charitable funds)

Charitable funds are gifts, donations and bequests made under relevant charities legislation to the RUH NHS Trust.

The Trust is a Corporate Trustee of the Charity, and the voting members of the Trust Board are designated 'Trustee's Representatives'.

The Board is legally responsible for ensuring that funds are properly administered, although this responsibility has been delegated to the Charities' Committee.

The main contact within the Trust for any matters related to the charity is The Charitable Funds Officer, Helen Bostock, on Tel: 01225 825613 or the Head of Financial Services, Sarah Wisher-Davies, Tel: 01225 825792.

In general, monies given should be for purposes that fall within the objects of existing charitable funds.

Any donors requesting advice on this matter should be advised of those funds currently held as active within the RUH Charitable Fund, and be encouraged to donate for any purpose covered by these.

The Trustee's Representatives are responsible for ensuring that charitable funds are used for the appropriate purpose.

These purposes will be in accordance with the objects of both the overall Charitable Fund and any specific individual fund.

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