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SKECHERS USA company total revenue for fiscal year 2015 was $ 3.15 billion (about 20.66 billion yuan), an increase of 32%. According to retail market research firm NPD Group data, 2016 for three months, SKECHERS market share in the US athletic footwear market is 5%, more than the 4.6% Adidas, Nike has become second only to the United States the second largest sports shoe company. Although Nike is still no shake dominant position (62% sold in the United States are the Nike sports shoes), but the rise of SKECHERS reflects a new consumer trend - people began to prefer to buy cheaper sneakers, because they may in fact never really wore it to run, why buy an expensive professional running shoes it? This is for those professional sports brand is a skechers. In the US market, running shoes, sports shoes, retail sales have been one of the largest segments category. SportsOneSource market research company said that this is the first time fashion casual shoes, rather than professional running shoes, sports shoes to drive sales. A new report from Morgan Stanley also said that part of the recent success of SKECHERS is because compared to basketball shoes, consumers are increasingly inclined to buy comfortable shoes tide. People regardless of whether they want to use fitness, they just like to buy sporty clothes and shoes, it is thanks to the high growth of the Cage "recreational" fashion. "Sneaker fashion is changing, let this wave trend Skechers accounted for cheap." The analyst said, "because SKECHERS flagship wind become very popular and comfortable, but no SKECHERS involved in the field, such as basketball shoes, growth is slowing. "most of the increase is owned SKECHERS shoes walking contribution, compared to a more moderate price established brand sports shoes. "Walking has been neglected for years, and now they are to some extent has been activated." NPD Group analyst Matt Powell expressed in the "Wall Street Journal" interview. This casual shoe companies also trying to expand market share among adolescents. Pop star Demi Lovato and cooperation launched SKECHERS style series, and personally appeared in the brand's advertising. But analysts cautioned that Cage is also at risk. For example, the US sporting goods retailer Sports Authority is about to shut down all of its 460 stores, which caused a certain influence on Cage as the brand Sports Authority stores are sold. Meanwhile, in the field of sports shoes from Under Armour, Nike, Adidas and competitive pressures these well-known brands are also high. Beijing Daily News (reporter intern reporter Wang Wei Li Duo) "3.15" International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, another foreign brand heavy crackdown. American sports brand SKECHERS SKECHERS (hereinafter referred to as "SKECHERS") recently issued a statement saying, "SKEWRONS" brand Dongying Guangrao Galleria shopping mall malicious trademark infringement. The face of domestic online and offline attack fake and knockoff, SKECHERS activism is quite difficult. Beijing Daily reporter learned that, earlier this year, SKECHERS auto discovery "SKEWRONS" brand in Dongying Guangrao Galleria shopping mall selling footwear SKECHERS suspected of serious plagiarism of products,skechers outlet UK. not only the appearance of very similar products sold in the mall , publicity design and store display style serious suspected plagiarism. In a number of initiatives to contact them invalid, the local business SKECHERS joint law enforcement investigation, forced seizure of 275 pairs of shoes alleged infringement, can not be re-ordered sales, but was removed from the store. Beijing Bar Association Consumer Qiu Baochang, director of Legal Affairs Committee, said the cottage brands face punishment than to withdraw shop. "This is in violation of the national" Anti-Unfair Competition Law, "in addition to withdraw shop, confiscated shoes, the brand will also compensate SKECHERS economic losses, and is credited to the business credit file." SKECHERS brand was born in California in 1992, a small coastal city in the United States is second only to Nike's second-largest footwear brand in 2007 to enter the Chinese market. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Shiwang and Luo Sousuo "SKEWRONS" found that there are many other provinces and consumers to "SKEWRONS" mistaken "SKECHERS" to buy. Netizen said, to buy time did not see, the clerk said the SKECHERS brand, buy a home look Dahushangdang. On the electronic business platform, forgeries are becoming increasingly rampant. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Mouliang and Ge Taixing electronic business platform for "panda shoes" find related products reached 28 200 and 3158, the price of this shoe Lynx flagship store $ 599, about 1507 people Receipt ; while in a store is priced at 44.9 yuan, 13 times the price difference, display 2941 people receipt. Careful comparison, Beijing Daily reporter found that the low-cost "panda shoes" rough work, patterns and letters with the genuine subtle differences, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish the naked eye. Similar "SKEWRONS" walking a fine line to take common. American sports brand New Balance has been registered by the manufacturer mainland Chinese trademark "New Balance" with New Balance will be designed to "N" word trademark little change after the sale. Another US sports brand adidas in May 2013 took five years to the end of Adi Wang sued infringement, both followed by reconciliation. China Electronic Commerce Research Center special researcher, Shanghai Brilliance Bing Liang law firm lawyers said, whether international or domestic brand, should be concerned about their own trademark rights. "When the objection period for trademark registration by entering the preliminary announcement after the preliminary approval, once challenged by others, will be launched trademark trademark opposition procedures, the application for registration of the opposed trademark has become international brands should take the initiative's focus on trademark registration move and timely objection, maintaining brand equity.