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Relocation of RNHRD Services

Sexual Health Clinic

We're planning to move our Genito-urinary Medicine Service. More commonly known as the Sexual Health Clinic this busy service is currently located on our Combe Park site.

The Sexual Health Clinic provides around 6000 walk in and booked appointments a year. The team offer free, friendly non-judgemental and confidential testing, treatment and advice in relation to sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

Proposed relocation to Riverside Health Centre, Bath

The Trust is planning to relocate the Sexual Health Clinic, including the clinical and support team, to the Riverside Health Centre in Bath later in the year, to share premises with other health service providers including Sirona's Contraception and Sexual Health Service (CaSH).

There are no issues with the standard of care provided by the Sexual Health Clinic and no plans to stop providing this service. Moving to a city centre location could benefit many of our current and future patients, and being in the same building as the CaSH service will make it easier for patients who wish to use both services.

Co-locating with the CaSH service could also bring benefits for our staff, including the opportunity for joint teaching and training in the future.

In addition, moving the service from the RUH's Combe Park site will create space which can be incorporated into a new, purpose built RNHRD and Therapies Centre. This will allow us to bring together services currently based at the RUH and Mineral Water Hospital site, as part of the Trust's 'Fit for the Future' programme of estates redevelopment to further improve services and patient experience.

More information on the Trust's Estates Redevelopment plans is available on our website:

What does this mean for me?

Only the location of the service will change. The same services will be available and patients will continue to be seen and treated by the same team, providing the same high standards of care.

The RUH's Sexual Health Clinic will share the ground floor of the Riverside Health Centre with Sirona's CaSH service and Avon and Wiltshire Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP). All patients can be assured that their confidentiality will continue to be fully respected in line with relevant legislation.

The Riverside Health Clinic is less than 2 miles from the RUH Combe Park site. The Clinic is within walking distance of the Bath bus and train station, and a number of local bus routes pass by including the Newbridge Park and Ride service. Paid parking is available at Avon Street and Charlotte Street. Bike racks are available on site.

Gathering Feedback

Between 18th April and 27th June we spoke with and heard from people with an interest in the service, including patients, staff and the wider community. We asked people to share their thoughts on our plans to relocate including any benefits, concerns or anything additional people felt we needed to consider ahead of moving. There will now be a careful review.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback. We will use this to help in our planning to ensure that we continue to provide the best service for current and future users of the Sexual Health Clinic.

Next steps

There will be a period of discussion and careful review and consideration of feedback and we will update this page to confirm the outcome of this proposal and provide a summary of feedback.

We welcome your feedback on other proposed service relocations or you can feed back at any point in the process on the overall plans to relocate RNHRD services.

You contact us at any time with your feedback at ruh-tr.haveyoursay@nhs.net

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