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Reducing Readmissions - QIPP 1.3

Project Manager & Contact Details

Jan Lynn

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

The project is to develop a programme of work which will cover key themes where 'avoidable' readmissions feature. Clinicians have been identified and will lead the project group, support will be provided to the clinicians to enable improvements in pathways to be made.

The project group will develop 'Speciality Readmissions Scorecards' which will provide monthly current data in regards to their readmissions to support Clinical Leads to review practice. The project will also review coding where patients feature as readmissions yet this is the planned pathway.

Key Objectives

  1. To reduce the numbers of 'avoidable' readmissions of patients back into the Hospital within 30 days of discharge.
  2. To determine and agree the criteria and pathways of care (which presently flag as readmissions) and ensure they are coded correctly and are following the correct pathway.
  3. To measure our numbers of readmissions (by HRG) against other similar Trusts using benchmark data (Dr Foster) to identify if we are outlying indicating poor practice.
  4. To determine any trends or cases whereby patients have been readmitted and the Clinical team needs to audit and review practice and if necessary change practice.
  5. To work with our Commissioners on any shared pathways of care where it has been identified that an agreed pathway needs changing across the health community.

Reporting to

Transformation Board

Patient Benefits

  1. To ensure patient care is provided in the right place at the right time.
  2. To provide care pathways to GPs/community teams to allow decisions to be made regarding the most appropriate care to occur in the most appropriate setting.

Trust Benefits

Cost avoidance due to a reduction in re-admissions.

Quality Pillars

Demonstrating Performance
Quality Improvement
Reputation Management
Physical Environment

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