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Outpatient Efficiencies - QIPP 4.6

Project Manager & Contact Details

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

  • All outpatient services across all specialties, both medical and surgical. Nurse led clinics may be considered as part of the project if this is assessed to be appropriate by the project team.
  • Telehealth and non-face-to-face projects will integrate with this project, but will be managed separately.
  • Reduction in inappropriate referrals - Commence Delivery 2013.
  • Reduction of inappropriate attendances.
  • Reduction in DNAs.

Key Objectives

  1. To improve outpatient utilisation across all relevant services for both Medical and Surgical Divisions.
  2. To review demand and capacity in line with service need, informing opportunities for rationalisation of clinics.
  3. To assess medical cover, nursing support, therapies, and admin.
  4. To review opportunities for technology to enhance processes e.g. self-check in. KPI - DNA Rates etc.
  5. To review booking practices to ensure best utilisation of resource allocation, templates and appointment types. KPI, Utilisation and New/Fup
  6. To review new to follow up ratios across all outpatient services, identifying opportunities for reduced follow up rates. - KPI New / Fup
  7. Update Map of Medicine to roll out changes across all Specialties

Reporting to

Transformation Board

Patient Benefits

Enhanced patient journey by increasing efficiency leading to reduced waits for appointments, and shorter attendances.

Trust Benefits

Reduction in inappropriate referrals, improved New-to-followup performance if remain at upper quartile, improved performance through better clinic utilisation, reduction in inappropriate referrals leading to better clinic utilisation.

Quality Pillars

Demonstrating Performance
Quality Improvement
Reputation Management
Physical Environment

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