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Hip Fracture Pathway - QIPP 1.13

Project Manager & Contact Details

Karen Driscoll, Surgery

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

IN SCOPE - Patients over 18 years of age who have sustained a fracture to the proximal femur - concentrating on those patients who are eligible for the fracture neck of femur pathway

OUT OF SCOPE - Patients with a shaft of femur fracture

Key Objectives

  1. Reduce RUH length of stay (therefore reducing patient super spell)
  2. To increase number of patients discharged to their usual place of residence from the RUH – where possible
  3. To meet NICE guidelines – 1st day mobilisation
  4. To maximise Best Practice Tariff requirements to ensure all relevant income against BPT is captured and equates to information recorded on manual #NOF database
  5. Maintain and improve incidents of hospital acquired infections/harm
  6. Review orthogeriatric business case

Reporting to

Transformation Board

Patient Benefits

Avoidance of patient Super-spells, the reduction in LOS and best practice through meeting NICE guidelines leading to better patient care and better patient experience.

Trust Benefits

Reduction in patient LOS and achievement of best practice and best practice tariff.

Quality Pillars

Demonstrating Performance
Quality Improvement
Reputation Management
Physical Environment

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