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Green To Go - QIPP 1.2

Project Manager & Contact Details

Gina Sargeant, Medicine

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

The project will look at all discharge pathways and work to eliminate health and social care delays. The project will cover all in-patient specialities at the RUH with key area for focus in the OPU and Orthopaedic & Orthogeriatric wards.

The project will also incorporate a review of referral and discharge pathways too: Sirona, Wiltshire Social Care, Great Western Hospital Community Services, Somerset Community Services and Somerset Social care. Including initiatives:

  • discharge coordinators
  • use of millennium bed planning board
  • review of relationships with external providers
  • review of definition of green
  • review of definition of EDD
  • Rehab to Home Trial
  • Social services potential 7 day working trial

Key Objectives

To achieve a smooth, timely and proactive discharge process for all adult patients at the RUH. To significantly reduce DTOC (all Health and Social Care) to 1%, Current performance for the RUH in 2012/13 has remained above 5%. This project led by the RUH will require service re-design, challenge to current practices, improved procedures and a trial of additional therapy resources from EIST funding to increase discharges direct from the RUH; along with our community colleagues across the health and social care community, with specific community changes to ensure a sustained 1% DTOC level at the RUH. This will release in-patient capacity at the RUH based on the capacity currently used by patients that are delayed, or require or subsequently await a community step down which will result in QIPP savings.

Reporting to

Transformation Board

Patient Benefits

Improved patient care and reduced delays in transfer leading to improvements in patient care and improvements in experience.

Trust Benefits

Improved patient care and reduced LOS leading to improved patient flow through the hospital.

Quality Pillars

Demonstrating Performance
Quality Improvement
Reputation Management
Physical Environment

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