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Transformation Project Updates

Compliance with INNF policies - QIPP 5.4

Project Manager & Contact Details

Ben Peregrine

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

To include all INNF procedures relevant to each CCG and financial year.

Key Objectives

  1. To ensure compliance with individual CCG policies across all specialties and for both medical and surgical divisions.
  2. To minimise financial risk to the organisation by failure to comply.
  3. To ensure patients receive their treatment in line with 18 weeks RTT when approved.
  4. To effectively engage clinical support in line with policy.
  5. To monitor and report compliance, demonstrating consistent approach across all areas.

Reporting to

Transformation Board

Patient Benefits

Patients receive their treatment in line with 18 weeks RTT (when approved) leading to better patient care.

Trust Benefits

Financial risk is minimised through achieving prior approvals for INNF procedures.

Quality Pillars

Demonstrating Performance
Quality Improvement
Reputation Management
Physical Environment

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