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Transformation Project Updates

SLM Urology - QIPP 2.4b

Project Manager & Contact Details

Adam Dougherty, Surgery

PMO Contacts

Emma Tee

Project Overview

The project will cover the urology Business Unit.

This will include all market growth, changes in practice both admin and clinical. It will seek to move cases to lower cost settings.

  • Inpatient to Day Case.
    • TURBT
    • TURP
  • Day Case to Outpatients.
    • Diathermy of Bladder Tumors
  • Outpatients to Telephone clinics.
    • Cancer Follow-up
  • Treatment Pathway
    • Quality of referrals
    • Treat more in Primary Care
    • Nurse Led outpatient clinics
  • Review Admin Support
    • Voice Recognition Software
  • Emergencies
    • Urology Nurse Specialist to support Inpatient wards and A&E
  • Market recapture
    • Commencement of Keynsham clinics
  • Key Objectives

    Delivering a high quality cost effective service that is in a position to cope with the anticipated growth in demand and actively seek to grow market share within the region.

    • Urology SLM pilot - deliver 5% Efficiency savings (QIPP) year on year.

      This will be required as a key indicator to enable business units to move to tiers 2 and 3
    • Build on the RUH Urology reputation as a leader in the field.

      Continue to attract high quality Consultants delivering exceptional care.
    • Strive for new improved ways of working that deliver improved patient care in the most cost effective way and leading on national initiatives.
    • Reduce Emergency Readmissions – Catheters

    Reporting to

    Transformation Board

    Patient Benefits

    Changes in practice will deliver improved patient care leading to greater patient satisfaction.

    Trust Benefits

    The development of business opportunities will be delivered through reduced marginal cost.

    Quality Pillars

    Demonstrating Performance
    Quality Improvement
    Reputation Management
    Physical Environment

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