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The Group map out the current workflow using post-its

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To reduce the amount of time it takes to recruit to a post for internal, external and temp staff

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Lean Event Focus and Participants

Lean event mapping the current state process, identifying waste in the process and design the future state process was held on the 4th July.  Key stakeholders that attended the event include:

  • Alex Cudmore, Head of HR
  • Andrew Hawkes,  HR information manager
  • Gabrielle Hucker, Hr manager
  • Sarah Elsey, Finance Planner
  • Jan Lynn, Assistant Director of Nursing and facilitator
  • Patricia Mills, Education Centre and facilitator
  • Debbie Grant, Sister Nicu
  • Cathy Breeze, Sister T&O
  • Nia Bodman, Finance
  • Tracy Elvins, Education Centre
  • Liz Cowdrey, Bank manager
  • Dominique Bendell, Medical records
  • John Dunn, Health and Safety
  • Sarah Goodwin, Sister Nicu
  • Christine Osman, HR
  • James Stevenson, Matron
  • Susan Cope, IT: project support officer
  • Jenny Dando, Medical secretary
  • Lisa Lewis, Project manager and facilitator

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Lean Event Discussions & Action Plans

The current state recruitment process (what happens now) is documented below for the two work streams; internal to bank process and the second recruiting external staff.  The red, green and blue dots on the process signify if the step adds value to the customer – which in this case is the recruiting manager.  The aim following the event is to remove the non-value added steps from the process and review the business value added steps to see if they are really necessary.

Current State: Bank

Current State: Internal / External

You'll notice from the current state review that the maximum time to recruit someone is 47 weeks.  When the group did the exercise ‘what good looks like' the group agreed that this should take no more than 6 weeks (excluding notice period) 

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Action Plans

The action plans below detail the tasks that now need to be completed for the process to be re-designed.  There are two action plans, one for each of the workstreams that were formed on the day:

Internal to Bank process

Internal/External recruitment

We will be updating the action plan on-line to inform you of progress.

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What does good look like

The group drew the perfect recruitment process using pictures to demonstrate each step in the journey.   This activity is sometimes called 'blue sky thinking' and gives people the opportunity to forget what happens now and to think creatively.  

The picture below is the internal/external groups thoughts on a perfect process and includes; not holding ITR, budget holder plus accountant instead agreeing to recruit (demonstrated via the hands).  Job matching and consistency checking on the same day with advert published within one week of decision to recruit.  Greater clarity for candidates (signified by the light bulb), interview and checks completed within one week with offer sent to successful candidate with start date and induction booked.  Minimum time to recruit 7 weeks and maximum 20 weeks.

Following the blue sky thinking exercise the next step will be to draw the future state map for recruitment which should include all the steps that add value to a process plus your ideas from blue sky thinking.   The future state map may not be drawn on the day of the actual event but afterwards once people have gathered their thoughts. 

Following the lean event Liz Cowdrey from staffing solutions has taken the action plan forward and worked with the recruitment team to implement the plan.  The new process for permanent to bank is below, the benefit of the changes is that if all the checks are up to date the candidate can start working on bank within 2 days.

Recruitment Future State Process Perm to Bank

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