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What Lean is and what it is not

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What Lean is and what it is not

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Lean is not:

  • A Cost Cutting Exercise – a short term financial fix
  • A Management fad of the month
  • An Efficiency project
  • A Complicated Methodology that only works in Manufacturing
  • An Excuse for a 'post it' party

What Lean is:

  • Lean is about improving the quality of services we deliver to our patients; putting patient's first and seeing things from their perspective.
  • Lean gives all members of staff the power to change the way they work to benefit patients;
  • Lean is a long-term commitment to improving the way we do things by adding value and eliminating waste;
  • Implementing Lean means changing the way we work by using the concepts of pull and flow to keep patients moving through the system.
  • Lean has to involve all staff to work – you have the power to change things for the better, use it!
  • Lean is designed to improve working conditions and the working lives of staff;
  • By getting involved you can make a positive difference to your working life and to the lives of the patients you care for.

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