Thyroid Case 1

Clinical details

43 year old woman being investigated for hyperparathyroidism


Thyroid uptake scintigram (Tc99m-pertechnetate) undertaken as part of a sestamibi-pertechnetate subtraction parathyroid study. Anterior view using high resolution parallel hole collimator.

thyroid image 1


1) Is thyroid uptake normal?
2) Identify structures A and B. Why may the patient be asked to drink a glass of water prior to imaging?
3) Where else may physiological pertechnetate uptake be seen in the body?
4) Which other views may be acquired on thyroid uptake studies?
5) Which other agents may be used for thyroid scintigraphy? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
6) Other than thyroid pathology, what patient factors may interfere with thyroid uptake?

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