Parathyroid Case 5 Answers

1) Name the 2 abnormal areas of uptake on this image

There are two major abnormalities

There is a markedly raised uptake in the left neck, There is very little thyroid uptake.

2) Explain why one abnormality has a straightforward explanation whereas the other has a wider differential diagnosis

There can be little other explanation for the raised uptake in the left neck, given the clinical details, than a large parathyroid adenoma. It is too big for parathyroid hyperplasia and carcinoma is rare. There is a wide differential diagnosis for the absent thyroid uptake:- Surgery, Radioiodine therapy, Thyroiditis, Lymphoma, Amiodarone therapy orThyroxine excess (endogenous or exogenous)

The appearance in this patient was due to exogenous thyroid hormone therapy. Click here or here for similar companion cases

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