MIBG case 6 answers

1) Are there any abnormal areas of uptake?
2) If so, where?

Multiple areas of increased uptake of MIBG are seen in abdomen, chest, long bones and left facial region.

3) What is the significance of MIBG uptake?

MIBG uptake is important in planning potential MIBG therapy. If a tumour doesn't take up MIBG, it is less likely to respond to this potential therapy. Also, if after several cycles of chemotherapy a tumour takes up less MIBG, this is a good prognostic sign.

4) What is the likely cause of easy bruising?

Frequently there is metastatic bone marrow involvement with resultant pancytopaenia and subsequent easy bruising. Even if the MIBG is normal, the bone marrow may still be involved and a bone marrow biopsy/aspirate is considered a mandatory part of staging of all neuroblastomas

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