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Oncology Services

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Contact details

Appointments: 01225 821821
Other Enquiries: 01225 824797

Outpatient Reception
Oncology/Haematology Nursing Team

The team is made up of registered nurses and health care assistants.

Haematologists Dr Crowe: 01225 821793

Dr Knechtli: 01225 824704

Dr Moore: 01225 824488

Dr Wexler: 01225 824487

Theresa Peters: 01225 825091
Haematology Nurse Specialist

Oncologists: Clinical Dr Beresford: 01225 824797
Specialises in breast and urological cancers

Dr Cox: 01225 824317
Specialises in colorectal and lung cancers and radiotherapy for haematology malignancies

Dr De Winton: 01225 825329
Specialises in in colorectal and head and neck cancers

Dr Frim: 01225 824797
Specialises in lung and urological cancers

Dr Kehagioglou: 01225 824317
Specialises in urological, gynaecological and neurological cancers

Dr Mancero (Associate Specialist): 01225 825329
Specialises in breast and skin cancers

Oncologists: Medical Dr Bowen: 01225 824831
Specialises in breast and gynaecological cancers

Dr Gangadhara: 01225 824831
Specialises in colorectal, upper gastrointestinal cancers and neuroendocrine tumours

Dr Tillett: 01225 825329
Specialises in upper gastrointestinal, melanoma and carcinoma of unknown primary

Dr Jenner (Specialty Doctor): 01225 824797
Specialises in breast cancer

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