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Referral Pathways/Guidelines

These pathways are intended to inform initial management of common ENT conditions and is based on work carried out by the Department of ENT at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. This work has been adapted for local use by the ENT department at the RUH, in conjunction with local general practitioners. Where applicable, reference is made to national guidelines e.g. NICE and SIGN.

It is intended to guide clinical management, but every patient should be assessed and managed individually.

These pathways are intended for all clinicians in BANES, Somerset and Wiltshire areas.

How to use the guideline

The guidelines are sets of flow charts covering a variety of ENT conditions. Each of these can be printed and laminated for easy reference if preferred.

The BNF and the RUH Formulary should be referred to as appropriate.



When referral to ENT is recommended in the guideline, referral for patients to be seen at a local clinic may be preferred. It is anticipated that clinicians in localities where such clinics are available will be aware of them, but further information can be obtained from the ENT department at the RUH.

RUH Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the Guideline Development Group in Newcastle for allowing us to use and adapt their guidelines for local use

Information for Patients

There are various sources of patient information. None are specifically endorsed. patients/information leaflets
British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association

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