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Diabetes & Endocrinology



Many of our specialist clinics are not available via the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) system. Please see Outpatient Services for a full clinic listing and referral guidance.

e-RS Diabetes Clinics
Clinic & Location NHS e-Referral Services e-RS Clinic Types
General Diabetes

  • RUH, Bath
General Diabetes-Diabetic Medicine-RUH Bath-RD1
Lipid & Cardiovascular Prevention

  • RUH, Bath
Lipid and Cardiovascular Prevention-Diabetic Medicine-RUH Bath-RD1
Young Persons Diabetic Medicine *

  • RUH, Bath
Young Persons Diabetic Medicine-Diabetic Medicine-RUH Bath-RD1
* The Young Persons Diabetic Medicine clinic is for patients up to the age of 21 unless in full time education.

e-RS Endocrinology Clinics
Clinic & Location NHS e-Referral Services e-RS Clinic Types
Combined Endocrine & General Surgery *

  • RUH, Bath
Combined Endocrine and General Surgery-Endocrinology-RUH Bath-RD1
General Endocrinology

  • RUH, Bath
General Endocrinology-Endocrinology-RUH Bath-RD1
Lipid Disorders

  • RUH, Bath
Lipid Disorders-Endocrinology-RUH Bath-RD1
Thyroid Service °

  • RUH, Bath
Thyroid Service-Endocrinology-RUH Bath-RD1
* The Combined Endocrine & General Surgery clinic is for Thyroid nodules and Hyperparathyroidism only.
° For patients with hyperthyroidism only.

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